Why am I blogging? And why is my house run by a dog?

Hi there! I’m Alyssa Murphy, author of Dog-Run House. A few months into owning my first home and embarking on (possibly too many) DIY projects, and after reading home blogs for years, I decided it was time to start my own. I’m excited to document the story of my first home, which I share with my awesome husband, Chris, and our dog-basically-first-born, Mika (you can already tell I’m a crazy dog mom).

Hey, I’m a house, how nice to meet you!

We bought the home in October 2015, and since then have already made a ton of updates, from new floors to a repainted kitchen. I recently sat down to list everything we’d like to do with this house over time, and it was surprisingly long. I don’t think we ever intended to buy a house that would take a lot of work to update, but as we go along, we’re finding all kinds of opportunities to bring our personal style to life – we’re still figuring out what that style is, but for everyone’s sake, I hope it’s cool.

The day we closed on our house. Pretty much a couple of smiling shiny-faced babies right before we signed hundreds of papers and committed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the bank. Hey, look, we’re homeowners!

What I’ve begun to find as we make these updates – and I almost never get these updates done alone, thanks to Chris’s DIY skills – is that about half our decisions have been made for us, and the other half are considering our dog. Which I realize is a little crazy, but let’s be honest, Mika pretty much runs the show around here and this house needs to work for all three of us. Not that kids aren’t hopefully in our future, but I like to make design and upgrade decisions for what I need now. And right now, my dog kind of owns my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hi, I’m Mika, and I am the sole proprietor and manager of a house that two humans live in. So splendid to meet you.

You’ll find a few things consistently in my blog, if I’m an accurate predictor of my own approach and style:

  • DUH, references to my dog a lot. But, promise, she’s pretty cute.
  • A semi-thorough documentation of our home updates and projects until I figure out how to actually stop in the middle of something to take a decent picture.
  • My successes and failures – we only know what we’re doing about 20% of the time. But I’m going to share the wins and the losses, because I’m learning as much from both.
  • References to The Office and Harry Potter, which I’m generally filling my free time watching over and over again.
  • Stupid puns and jokes. Dry humor FTW!
  • Me trying to figure out what new-age acronyms like FTW mean.
  • iPhone shots until I can get my grubby hands on a nice camera.

Guys, I’m just really excited to share my journey with you. And this is as much for me as it is for the internets. I have an absolutely atrocious memory, so this will selfishly help me remember how we transformed our first house into a cozy home.

It’s not always going to be pretty. It’s not always going to work out. But sometimes, I hope, I can give someone else the courage to take off all their kitchen cabinet doors and prop them up on boxes in their garage and paint them in the 90-degree heat so they can make jazz-hands at their kitchen. Or paint a wall without taping! Yeah, we really toe the line here in the Murphy house. 😉

Thanks for reading. It’s showtime!

This literally took me an hour to make. #truelife

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