I just bought this rug. Here’s why it was a terrible decision.

I don’t recommend buying a woven rug when you have a dog that regularly pulls this routine.


While hunting for the right rug for this living room, I had an unbelievable amount of trouble. It’s a wide and long room, which meant finding anything less than $1-2K was going to be a challenge.

I searched Target, Crate & Barrel, CB2, Home Depot, World Market, and Pottery Barn. Nada. Eventually, I took my search to web-direct sellers like RugsUSA and Rugs Direct. No joke, HOURS of searching their inventory for a relatively neutral print in a size that would fit, because I didn’t want to custom-hem anything.

I gave up the search for awhile. Ate some sandwiches. Watched some movies. Distracted myself with other projects. But this could not go on indefinitely. Alas, we needed something soft underfoot.

I later found this gray diamond-weave rug, which perfectly matches our walls and trim and plays well off the dark floor. The size does work – a 9×12 – but it’s a little narrow and a little long. I thought it was The One.

Then, Mika happened. She runs around and chases toys and her nails dig into the fibers and pull them up. Should have known.

I think we can squeeze a full year out of this rug until it’s unrecognizable. Until then, you’ll find me STILL searching for a functional rug to fill this space.

We did successfully buy a rug from RugsUSA for our office that has worked perfectly – this abstract paisley print that goes with the DIY string art I hung on the wall. So, not all is lost, except in rooms where our dog butt-runs around like a maniac.

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