A Quick Serenade of Etsy + Selling Plans

I’ll come right out and say it: I love Etsy. For a lot of things, I turn to Amazon first. Anything quick, helpful, fun, or needed for our house or life. But for anything unique, storied, and handcrafted, I turn to Etsy. The concept is brilliant, allowing people to sell their handmade goods directly to consumers without so much of the upfront investment needed to start a website or open a storefront. And I can shop all over the world.

Leather Moroccan ottoman from MaghrebChic of Kenitra, Morocco.

I’d been thinking about how much I love Etsy lately when I realized that some of my favorite items came from the site and, more specifically, from sellers across the world. It’s like I’m a pseudo-tourist shopping online. And it’s fantastic.

Leather loop cabinet pulls from Rowzec of Bucuresti, Romania.

Our kitchen chairs came from a seller in Morocco, as did the glorious, beautiful leather ottoman in our sitting space. Our fun leather pulls in the guest bathroom came from an awesome craftsman in Romania. And some other fun knobs for our second-floor guest bathroom are from a seller in Israel.

Black Eames-style dining chairs from a seller in Casablanca, Morocco (shop link not available).

How fun is that? Every time I peruse the site for decor, I’m so excited by the prospect of buying something with an international flair that has a “story” I can tell guests and friends.

Long leather handle pulls from Rowzec of Bucuresti, Romania. The seller also worked with my after purchase to change the hardware selection and decide on the exact bolt length needed to install successfully!

And I won’t discount the awesome domestic items I find on Etsy all the time — because there are plenty around the house — I just wanted to quickly call-out how fun it is to shop the world through the site. 🙂

Wood and rope knobs from StudioRust of Haifa, Israel.

On to other news, I’m also selling personal woodburning projects on Etsy. I’ve given myself absolutely no timeline or haste with this effort. I don’t plan to ramp up fast, or try to sell 100 things in a month. I’m actually treating it a lot like the blog — work on it at my leisure, whenever I feel like it, with no deadlines, and just for fun. I’ve noticed that anything I embark on outside of work hours as a side project needs to be approached in this way. When I approach a project with unrealistic goals, I’m much less likely to commit long-term. That’s applicable to anything that requires effort and ambition, obviously — it just took me a lot of other failed projects to figure out. Slow and steady side gigs are my jam. 😀


My first successful woodburning project, a small handled wood tray, now up for recreation as my first listing on Etsy!

For now I only have one little listing — a woodburned small handled tray detailed in this blog post. I’m really excited to expand to a variety of items soon! Including:

  • Monograms, initials, and names
  • Quotes and phrases
  • Geometric designs
  • Floral designs
  • Scenic designs (think mountain ranges, skylines, etc.)
  • Objects (like a boat, plane, etc.)
  • Mixed media, combining wood burning with acrylic paint for a more intricate design
  • Small jewelry

I also had a lot of fun with some initial “branding” for the shop. Ultimately, I would just be so pumped if I could make one person’s day with a custom, handmade item for their home or as a gift. I also started a 20% discount on the shop through 10/18/17, so if you’re interested in buying my one sad little listing you’re getting 20% off with FIRSTBUY, click here. You can even leave a note if you want a different 3-5 word phrase instead of “Eat, drink, & be merry” and I’ll make that happen.murphy-burnworks-logo

Visit if you’re interested, and share if you think others you know might be. 🙂 And I promise I’m adding more listings so it doesn’t look like such a lonely little shop.

Also, here are some links to my favorite shops on Etsy, international or domestic:

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