Espresso Station Plans (aka I Get to Relive My Barista Days)

I spent three glorious years as a Starbucks barista in my high school years. It was my first job after getting my driver’s license (could I have been any luckier!?) and I loved pretty much every minute. Except when it was 10 minutes to close and five tween girls would come in for five different Frappuccino orders, but I’m not here to complain. I’m here to put a stake in the ground and say I’m going to become a barista again, in my own house, with my own tools. And I’m gonna love it a latte. 

The espresso station is going to go right next to our fridge, where our coffee brewer and several cabinets are. 

The fun part is that this is my opportunity to do open shelves in the kitchen! I’m planning to take out all the upper cabinets, install the same white subway tile from the counter up toward the ceiling and behind the fridge, and then install chunky, reclaimed wood shelves on the wall. Picture these amazing babies hanging out on my wall, holding up syrups, tea, some flowers, coffee mugs, and espresso cups:

I’m all the heart eyes just thinking about it. This will be my first experience working with reclaimed wood, too, so that’s going to be fun. Now, to go find some gorgeous shelves and convince Chris we need to bust out our timing supplies yet again. 😅

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