Chair + Hammock = Chammock

Two or three years ago, I bought Chris a hanging chair hammock, but we lived in an apartment. We knew we had to save it for a house where we could hang it wherever we wanted, and that day has come. Hello, chammock!!!

Accomplishing My Life-long Dream to Work Out at Home

I’m lazy. There’s no other way to say it. A body at rest will stay at rest, and I’ve been resting awhile. Sure, I hit the yoga studio on days off and sometimes during the weekend, or I take a randomly-inspired spring jog, but more often you can find me vegging out and cuddling with…… Continue reading Accomplishing My Life-long Dream to Work Out at Home

Feeling Blue in the Bedroom

This week, while on a one-week staycation from work, the hubs and I embarked on a few fun excursions and activities. One of these was an overnight stay in New Buffalo, Michigan, where we explored town, relaxed by the beach, and enjoyed a delicious fancy dinner in celebration of his birthday. It was an awesome…… Continue reading Feeling Blue in the Bedroom

How We Painted Our Kitchen Cabinets

Two weeks. Two gallons of paint. Three hundred dollars. Two exhausted homeowners. Put together, this is how we painted our kitchen cabinets this year. Behold, honey oak goodness (not a cereal commercial). This is an O.G. – I took this the first week we moved in after we got our kitchen set-up. Old, yellowed linoleum wood,…… Continue reading How We Painted Our Kitchen Cabinets

I just bought this rug. Here’s why it was a terrible decision.

I don’t recommend buying a woven rug when you have a dog that regularly pulls this routine. While hunting for the right rug for this living room, I had an unbelievable amount of trouble. It’s a wide and long room, which meant finding anything less than $1-2K was going to be a challenge. I searched Target,…… Continue reading I just bought this rug. Here’s why it was a terrible decision.

The Pretty-Definitive Master Project List

Did you know that working off of a written to-do list makes you 92% more likely to complete the tasks on that list? I completely made that up, but that’s generally how I feel about them. I write lists for everything, and our house is no exception. And, since this house will truly be a…… Continue reading The Pretty-Definitive Master Project List